Mandurah Wildlife Rescue Centre Sponsorship Opportunities:

Tier One Sponsor: $100,000-$200,000

Exposure through social media, website, articles, TV launch promos, centre and education vehicle signage, logo included on all promo materials used at schools and community events. Invitations to an annual event.

Education Centre: $300,000

Naming rights of the education centre purpose-designed community environmental education building. This will be open to the public and used for training, youth biodiversity clubs, school excursions/camps, eco-tourism, events and community groups.

Community and Schools Education Coordinator: $100,000

Salary for an Education Coordinator to conduct education lessons and develop onsite ongoing projects with schools. This is “hand up funding” which will seed a much needed ongoing schools program which will be self- sustaining after 2 years.

Tier Two Sponsors: $15,000- $50,000

Enclosure/project naming rights, signage on enclosures/project promotion materials, exposure through social media, website, articles, logo included on all promo materials, invitation to an annual event.

Endangered Ring Tail Possum Conservation Enclosure: $50,000

Purpose-built enclosure designed to rehabilitate critically endangered Ringtail Possums. This also involves electronic monitoring and tracking of released possums.

Flight Aviary: $25,000

25 -metre flight aviary to assist with phase two rehabilitation for bird strengthening and training for our hunting birds.

Education Website for wildlife monitoring: $25,000

This purpose-built website will enable participating schools to log in and track wildlife from when they come into the centre through to release in their classrooms.

Onsite tracking video cameras: $25,000

Cameras will be erected in key aviaries and enclosures to record wildlife for rehabilitation adaptation, education and training purposes.

Education Birds Enclosure: $15,000

Our resident un-releasable education birds require large enclosures which challenge and engage them as they can’t be released back to the wild.

Outreach Road Safety Project: $10,000

Mandurah Wildlife runs up to 10 roadside education projects during key holiday periods in the region. We require a sponsor to assist with signage, first aid pocket guides and to subsidise wildlife first aid kits.

School Education/ Environmental Program: $5,000

This will enable us to set up and ongoing conservation education program in conjunction with the Sustainable Schools Network in a school.